Drug trafficking is still rife, despite the containment regulations


Drug trafficking in Occitanie continues despite the containment rules.

Occitanie police carried out several drug seizures this weekend, in Perpignan, Albi and Toulouse.  Dealers continue their activities at the entrances to high rise buildings, or inside the buildings.

The police are still on patrol, even though “drug raids are not the priority at present”.

“Here, nothing changes”, said a resident of the Cantepau district: “it’s a game of cat and mouse, we see that every day, the police do what they can but the traffickers are quick to move out of the way, it is useless “.

Another resident explained that “the traffickers organise themselves around the three districts placed in sensitive urban areas, Lapanouse, Veyrières and Cantepau and the police officers have great difficulty in arresting them”.

One resident said: “We see people we do not know…I have the impression that drug trafficking was disrupted at the Mirail in Toulouse by police intervention, suddenly these dealers come to Albi now to sell their drugs.”

The police continue to conduct control and patrol operations in “sensitive” neighbourhoods, but the drug trade and especially the cannabis market has not experienced a recession, quite the contrary.

David Leyraud, assistant regional secretary of the Alliance police union, confirmed “certain prefectures in France have instituted a curfew, it won’t be long before it is implemented in Toulouse.  The urgency is to enforce confinement, 10% of the population still does not respect the measures announced. The implementation of a curfew should dissuade the hardliners and traffickers.”

Source: France 3