Drugs, arms and cash seized in Béziers centre


As we reported last week – here – 140 police officers were deployed in Béziers to dismantle drug trafficking ring.

On Friday in a press conference, postponed because further related arrests were still on-going, Police were able to finally describe their “booty” from the operation.

Firstly, it’s clear that substantial resources were deployed for the occasion. Officers from the anti-drug units in Marseille and Nice, the police research and intervention brigade (BRI), Police Nationale from Béziers, the Montpellier SRPJ, dog handlers and a helicopter, all collaborated in the successful operation.

It resulted in the arrest of twelve people on that day, plus three accomplices identified in subsequent days.

The searches carried out in the early morning did not go unnoticed in the city centre of Béziers but went off without a hitch. [Unnoticed something of an understatement especially as the police had invited the press along too! Ed]

Police seized over 22 kg of drugs (marijuana and cocaine), seven handguns, two rifles and €39,145 in cash.

This operation was part of the national campaign against drug trafficking rings. It brought to a conclusion a lengthy investigation, opened in August 2015 by officers from the Police Nationale unit in Béziers.

The investigations undertaken since have established the detailed workings of a structured network, specialising in the trade of cannabis and cocaine.

“However, what also emerged was that their trade was not limited to the resale of drugs, but also extended to that of large calibre weapons,” announced the Ministry of Interior.