Drunk woman hits neighbours, ends up in jail


A 38-year-old woman, living in Servian, was incarcerated for acts of violence committed on her neighbours.

She was sentenced to twelve months in prison, including six months suspended for three years. The six-month reprieve was rescinded, so she’ll be in a cell for a year.

It all started on the morning of 3 March when the gendarmes intervened at the family’s home because the neighbours had reported a plantation of cannabis.

“For the whole morning, they pushed me to the limit, they filmed me,” said the accused.

The accused was drunk, and she broke her neighbours door, and punched her in her fury. She also threatened to kill her neighbour, whose boyfriend tried to intervene. The accused then threatened the boyfriend, and attacked the neighbour’s mother.

“I do not remember anything,” she in court. “Just waking up tied to a hospital bed.”

She has a well-documented criminal record, with eleven convictions, including acts of violence against her son, now 16 years old. At the hearing, we also heard about her addiction to alcohol and hard drugs.

She has a Rottweiller who is not registered, and a four-month-old baby in the apartment.

The accused lawyer said “The prison will not solve anything, no-one’s taken into account the needs of her two children, the fact that she is sick, and has been addicted to drugs and alcohol since her childhood, She has just miscarried a week ago, which could explain her behaviour, her body can not stand the medication anymore, we should be helping her not punishing her.