Environmentally friendly mobile collection of household waste

Montpellier lance la collecte mobile des déchets ménagers dans les quartiers - septembre 2019. / © F3 LR L.Calmels

Montpellier has launched a mobile collection of household waste. For those of you who read it here in our news summary yesterday and thought it was just a bin collection with a fancy name, no, it’s a collection truck which is a mobile dump, or déchetterie.  

The small mobile dump is in operation 10 days a month, each time in a different neighbourhood of the city centre.

In the bins, the most collected items are light bulbs, batteries and household products. Sorting is done on site before going to recycling.

Items accepted are clothes, small items, small appliances, computer equipment, phones, ink cartridges, batteries, x-rays and dangerous products such as solvents, paints or batteries.

The dump is left on site every 3rd and 4th Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the month, from 8am to 2.30pm.


3rd Monday of the month: Plan Cabanes
4th Monday of the month: Place Emile Combes at the Beaux-Arts


3rd Tuesday of the month: Boulevard des Arceaux (next to the market)
4th Tuesday of the month: Place Molière (behind the Opéra Comédie)


3rd Wednesday of the month: Place Carnot
4th Wednesday of the month: Place Jean Jaurès


3rd Thursday of the month: Boulevard Louis Blanc
4th Thursday of the month: Place Phocée (Jacques Coeur basin)


3rd Friday of the month: Parc Clemenceau
4th Friday of the month: Place Paul Bec

Source: France 3