Equestrian centre destroyed by violent storms


Equestrian centre Cul Toulza in the Tarn suffered extensive damage during the storms just before the weekend.  Damage is estimated at €70,000.

The horses were paralysed with fear

Damaged paddocks, power lines down, the roof half ripped off, and trees uprooted, the owner Cécile Molet published photos of the damage.


“The horses were paralysed with fear” explained Paul Sabahi, joint owner of the centre and Cécile Molet’s partner.  The horses and ponies were sent to other equestrian centres.  “The horses are fine, but we’ve lost everything in 10 seconds, after two years of hard work.  It was our first summer.”

The owners are now waiting for the insurance experts to arrive and assess the damage, and they don’t know yet whether it will be possible to reopen for September.

Source: France 3