Exhibition at Les Femmes Dans l’Art


The exhibition at Les Femmes Dans l’Art called Né Humain will feature Rakel Persson.

Rakel’s sculptures express the surreal way in which images from the subconscious are revealed in the conscious. These sculptures prompt the viewer to ask questions, while challenging them to open up to their imaginations, which “sometimes leads to laughter, or sometimes to tears.”

Here’s what Rakel said about her exhibition.

How do we live our lives? What governs our choices? What is important?

I would describe the social development as a big chaos of confusion. Man is in a spinning merry-go-round. Has no time for reflection.

Silence has become a shortage. We need still-ness to be able to consider.

How are we affected by changes in standards, opinions and moral?

Who am I? Who are you?

Living means to lose one’s way, find one’s way back, try new ways, finding a meaning with life. A lifelong learning.

My sculptures/ paintings have many layers and possibilities for interpretation.

Subconscious motifs and shapes want to reach the surface.

I examine feelings, relations, moods, memories and dreams. The scenery’s shades, shadows and colours inspire me.

There is often an occurrence of animals, humans and plants in the sculptures.

The original idea changes while I am shaping. I work spontaneously and I often experience that the sculptures/paintings drag me towards the unknown. I follow to see what happens.

To describe a sculpture or a picture with words is very difficult. They must be allowed to speak their own language!

Exhibition themes are searching for identity and nature’s healing process.

I want to challenge, catching the heavy and the fragile at the same time, giving with warmth and delight “keys” to the observer.

The pictures are painted in acrylic. I press and paint in several layers. It is a spontaneous approach where I sometimes leave everything to chance and continue working from there.

The sculptures are made of felted wool.

The exhibition will run from Saturday 28 September to 10 November.  The exhibition is open all day on Saturday, and there will be a formal vernissage at 4pm.  Thereafter, the exhibition opening times are:

Monday to Friday from 2:30pm to 7pm
Saturday from 10:30am to 7:30pm
Closed Sunday.