Famous scammer back near Perpignan train station


It has been eight years since this “very convincing” woman’s scams have been reported at Perpignan. That is, until a week ago …

The woman in her fifties reappeared a few days ago near the Perpignan train station. This same woman, who is “very, very persuasive”, according to all the the witnesses she has scammed, approaches motorists and extracts money from them.

She promises to reimburse

Her story is that while driving a friend to her train or plane, her bank card was swallowed up, and she has run out of petrol to get her back to her home in Bram, Aude.  She asks for €20 or more, which she promises to reimburse, leaving a false identity of her address and telephone number.

She first came to the attention of the police in La Jonquera in 2011, and at the time she called herself Nicole or Muriel Deschamps.  She operated between La Jonquera and Perpignan.

She is a brunette who “presents well” according to the police.  She is very polite, and even looks away if her victims are getting money out of a cash machine for her.  According to the police, she resurfaced in mid-January in the department, to sell her eternal lament to well-meaning victims.

[Unfortunately, we couldn’t source a photo of her. Ed]

Source: Midi Libre, l’Independent