Five from Toulouse to compete at Las Vegas World Poker Championships

Las Vegas

After winning free entry into a poker tournament on the internet, beating 24,000 competitors, a team of five friends from Toulouse will participate in the World Poker Championship, the WSOP, in Las Vegas in early July.

The five poker lovers are all in their thirties.  One is an elected official, one an engineer,  but all of them are regulars of Winamax, a French poker website that ran the competition.

the glamour of gambling, really…?

As can be seen from the photo below, France 3 went to great lengths to glamourise the group of five, omitting to mention that gambling in young people is on the rise at an alarming rate.

In a recent poll, 69% of young people had seen an on-line gambling ad either on TV or social media, and a worrying 7% had been prompted to gamble, directly because of the ad.

France 3

In 2017 a total of 3,556 million euros was spent on stakes on online poker in France.  That same year, an additional 2,041 million euros was spent on entry fees for tournaments in France.

In Las Vegas 9,000 players will compete in the tournament, paying $10,000 each for the privilege.  In the 49 years of the tournament no French person has ever won.