Flights cancelled due to national strike


A national public service strike took place on Thursday, due to last until at least Friday morning.

French air traffic controllers are involved. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation asked companies to reduce the number of flights by 30%, notably in Paris Orly, Toulouse, Lyon and Marseille.

Air France announced that its long distance flights are not affected, and that 73% of other flights will operate. However the company has warned that there will be “last minute delays or cancellations”, and indeed the knock on effect of planes being in the wrong place is likely to disrupt some weekend flights as well.

Incoming flights are also affected. Ryanair and easyJet cancelled some flights.

The strike is a protest at a new planned law to “transform public service” in France. The CFDT Union asked all the fonctionnaires to protest for their rights, for better work conditions, higher salaries, and against job cuts.

Source: The Connexion