Gabian firetrucks were not fit for purpose


On August 10, 2016 in Gabian, Hérault, four firefighters responding to a fire were surrounded by flames. They were forced to flee their truck, one died, the other three were seriously burned. The judicial investigation is in progress.

The investigating judge carried out a reconstruction to find out if the victims could have stayed in the truck.  At the time the SDIS 34 said that the truck was up to standard and that the young firefighters panicked and should not have left the truck.

Since then, the report concludes that the truck was not fit for purpose, and had the firefighters stayed in the truck they would have died within two to three minutes.

“Up to 800 degrees in the truck”

“The expert report, says that they could not stay in the truck without a self-protection system and without a mask to have breathable air. The cabin was at 100 degrees in constant heat with regular peaks of 700 and 800 degrees,” said the lawyer representing the firefighters.

“It’s taken three and a half years to show that SDIS 34 sacrificed men on the altar of economy”, he concluded.

The case continues.

Source: Midi Libre