Galerie Nicholas Poullis


Galerie Nicholas Poullis in Pézenas has opened its doors for the season. This latest display of watercolours and drawings takes as its inspiration the light and atmosphere of Pézenas and subject matter mostly from the local area.

The gallery will be open from this Saturday 25th May and then every other Saturday till the end of June 10h -18h. In July and August the gallery will then open most of the time. The gallery is situated in Impasse Simon Ducros, just off Place Gambetta next to the Pomme D’Amour restaurant, Pézenas.

In July Nicholas will be exhibiting a new collection of work inspired by the Tour de France cycle race in the Languedoc. The exhibition will be held by Gare-Expo at Centre Ulysse in Lamalou-les-Bains and will include new paintings of cyclists and inspiring Languedoc subject matter. The Tour de France is one of the biggest annual sporting events in the world. A huge part of the appeal is the way the race journeys through the various regions, towns, villages and landscapes some of which feature in the show.

Nicholas Poullis Tour de france Alignan du Vent

The exhibition will also include some coastal subject matter as well as views inland.