Getting points on your British licence in France

Photo Automobile Association

In only four months in 2019, French police have requested the details of 212,878 British motorists from the DVLA, in order to issue fines for traffic offences.

It’s getting harder and harder for drivers to avoid penalties while using non-French driving licences.

An agreement called Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) was agreed with France and the UK in 2017, which means that the DVLA is obliged to hand over driver details to European police.  However, the number of requests from French police has rocketed in 2019.

Be aware as well, that French police will soon be able to issue ‘virtual’ penalty points for drives in France using a foreign licence.  These virtual points can add up, and once you have reached 12, you will be banned from driving in France.

This new law is expected to come into force during 2019.