Gilets jaunes numbers down again, several clashes in Occitanie


Gilets jaunes were out protesting again on Saturday.  The interior ministry estimated there only 2,700 protesters across the whole of France by 2pm on Saturday, compared to 3,600 at the same time last week.

In Toulouse, France 3 reported several thousand protesters were marching for Act 26 in the city centre.  The atmosphere was generally good, but there were several clashes at the end of the day.

In Montpellier, the prefecture counted 1,300 protesters in the city centre.  The atmosphere was calm until 7pm, when two arrests were made, and a police officer was injured.

200 people gathered at Le Boulou, Perpignan, to block the toll booths.  Clashes were reported between the gilets jaunes and the police, both sides launched projectiles, and tear gas was used.  One man was arrested.