Gilets jaunes to join December 5 strike


During the gathering of 600 gilets jaunes protesters in Montpellier at the weekend, a decision was made for them to join the major walkout planned by railway workers in protest over pension reforms on December 5.

The protesters in Montpellier, representing 200 groups across the country, debated the action. An overwhelming majority voted to add their weight to the indefinite strike called by the CGT, FO, FSU and Solidaires unions.

“The assembly of assemblies calls on the gilets jaunes to be at the heart of this movement, with their own demands and aspirations, at their workplaces or roundabouts, with their vests clearly visible,” the representatives said in a statement following the vote.

The grassroots organisation’s second ‘assembly of assemblies’ will take place in Toulouse at a date to be determined.

Source: The Connexion, Midi Libre