Government names new pensions boss

Laurent Pietraszewski, the new man in charge of pension reform, addressing the French National Assembly. Philippe LOPEZ / AFP

The government has appointed Laurent Pietraszewski to replace former high commissioner on pensions, Jean-Paul Delevoye, who resigned on Monday following a conflict of interest scandal.

Pietraszewski, a member of parliament from the Nord department and spokesman for the ruling Republic on the Move group in the National Assembly, was named secretary of state to the ministry of social security and health, in charge of pensions, according to a decree published early Wednesday by the government.

The new man responsible for pension reform is 53 years old, an economist by training, and a specialist in social issues and human resources. He is described as an expert on the subject, having already been chosen by the government as special spokesman on pensions.

The appointment follows the resignation on Monday of Jean-Paul Delevoye, the former high commissioner for pensions, after a series of revelations concerning undeclared, non-governmental activities that raised questions about potential conflicts of interest.

Source: RFI