Haute-Garonne will end the 80 km/h limit on roads


The Haute-Garonne department will end the 80 km / hour on the roads and return to a 90 km / h limit.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe led the way to a relaxation of the limitation to 80 km / h leaving the responsibility to the presidents of county councils.

Members of the departmental council in Haute-Garonne were interviewed by France 3, and they declared their intention to return to a limitation of 90 km / hour except for recognised accident black spots.

Christian Sans, vice-president of the Haute-Garonne County Council in charge of the roads explained that the Department “has a good knowledge of the territory (…) the community is therefore best able to take this responsibility.”

It was not reported when these changes will take place, but doubtless they won’t be the only department making a return to the 90 km/h speed limit.  How much has this cost the government, one wonders?

Source: France 3