Heavy snowfall in the Pyrenees, Ariège and Aveyron


It snowed for most of the weekend, even at low altitude in Ariège and Aveyron.

More than two metres of snow fell in Couserans, a little less in the valley of Ossau, around Haute-Bigorre and nearly one metre of snow fell even at low altitude from Ariège to Hautes-Pyrenees via Aveyron.


On the Aubrac plateau, it snowed all day Saturday. There are drifts of 20 to 30 cm. The mayor, Arnaud Diaz, stated that the climb above l’Hospitalet-près-l’Andorre was forbidden on Sunday morning. There were strong gusts of wind, making the roads treacherous.

From Ax-les-Thermes, special equipment is mandatory for vehicles. Trucks are prohibited after Foix and roads are tricky to Andorra. Pas de la Casa was still closed this Sunday morning.

Speed limits on the on A9 and A61 in Aude and Pyrénées-Orientales were in place, due to strong gusts of wind. Two preventive fire avalanche triggers are underway above Hospitalet.


The Bielsa tunnel is closed, access to the village of Aulon and the ski station Luz-Ardiden is blocked. The access road to Barèges is closed because of the risk of avalanche. Driving conditios are also difficult in Quérigut and Couserans.