Heroic passerby saves woman from house fire in Aspiran


A Languedoc Living reader wrote to us to tell us about an heroic act that he witnessed on Wednesday morning.  There was a house on fire in Aspiran, and very soon the flames and smoke took over.  Smoke was billowing out of all the windows of the three story house.

The reader said a figure of a woman was visible on the top floor balcony trying to avoid the smoke.  Suddenly a young man in a white shirt appeared on the road in front of the house, and he scaled up to the first floor balcony.  Someone passed up a short ladder to him.  He managed to get up to the next balcony above, well below the woman on the third floor.

The man climbed up, and managed to guide the woman down to safety, while smoke was billowing all around them.

As they climbed down to the pavement on place du Jeu de Ballon in the town centre, the pompiers arrived.  30 firefighters then put out the fire.

At the time of publication, we don’t know who the hero is who saved the woman’s life.  If you know, please write in and tell us.

Source: Languedoc Living reader, France 3 photo