How to forage for wild asparagus


It’s wild asparagus season, so this is how to keep your eyes peeled for the delicious morsels you can find on the roadside or in ditches at the sides of fields.

It’s a bit like mushroom hunting. At first you don’t see anything, but you have to adjust your eyes to look for the shapes. They blend in well, and are hidden, but once you get your ‘asparagus eyes’ in, you’ll spot them everywhere.

How to find them

Look out for last year’s growth of asparagus, which is the feathery, spindly plant which could be green, or could be dried up, depending on the winter we have had. Follow the stalk down, and around the stalk you should find little eager spears of asparagus pushing themselves up towards the sun.

There’s a video here to show you what they look like. However, in the video they suggest that you can pull them out of the ground. No, don’t do that, because you’re pulling up the larder for next year. Just snap them off near the earth.

As ever with foraging, think of other foragers, and just take what you need.

Happy hunting!