Hérault gilets jaunes and mayors attempt a debate


While gilets jaunes were demonstrating on Saturday in the streets of Béziers, a few kilometers away in Servian, a few gilets jaunes had organised a meeting with elected officials. The idea was to have a constructing exchange of ideas and to listen to each other.

The gilets jaunes started off bluntly, by saying “Today the police who have received orders are shooting rubber bullets into faces, there are people disfigured for life, do you think we can solve problems like that?”, to which a reply came back “All violence is reprehensible, all on both sides.”

The exchanges were animated but courteous.

One gilets jaunes spokesperson said “We want concrete things, the problem is that in the end, we must give food to children. How do you expect a senior citizen who has worked all his life to only earn 800 euros a month? Sometimes it is me who brings meals to these elderly people because they have nothing more to eat.”

The debate lasted two and a half hours, and at the end Sébastien, another spokesperson for the gilets jaunes, said they would like a new debate with all the elected members from Hérault.