Hunting accidents already up on last season

Photo: Francebleu

The death toll from hunting accidents has already exceeded last season.  Last year there were seven deaths during the hunt season, and still with three months to go, the death toll has reached eight this year.

The last accident was on Saturday, when a hunter was shot in the abdomen by a fellow hunter.

Eight people died and it’s all because of safety issues

New laws coming in to place from 1 January 2020, includes a mandatory training course every 10 years.  Minister Emmanuelle Wargon said in a warning statement that these rules cannot come in quickly enough.

The president of the Fédération Nationale des Chasseurs, Willy Schraen has written a letter to hunters following the minister’s warning. He has blamed hunters for the lack of respect of safety rules and told every hunter to think about the rules before going out hunting.

“Shooting without identifying your game, not respecting the 30 degree angles, moving in single file with a loaded weapon, forgetting to unload your weapon after hunting, are all mistakes of practice and common sense that should not happen.”

Director of the Fédération Nationale des Chasseurs, Nicolas Rivet, said: “Eight people died and it’s all because of safety issues. We are conscious of the problem and we want to stop it.”

“We have to remind hunters of the rules and we ask them to be more careful and vigilant.”

Source: Midi Libre, The Connexion