Income tax deadlines approaching fast


If you have not yet made your French tax declaration for 2018 income time is running out – the deadline for paper forms is in three days and the first deadline for online declaration is in eight days’ time.

If you live in departments numbered 01 to 19 or you are a non-resident with French income to declare, you must declare by online by midnight on Tuesday next week, May 21.

Deadlines for the second group (20-49) and third group (50 to 974/976) are May 28 and June 4 respectively.

However if you are declaring by paper, your declaration should either be posted at the latest on Thursday May 16 (the date of the stamp from La Poste on the letter is what counts) or it should be dropped into the local tax centre by hand by midnight on the same day.

Note that if declaring online, you may correct your declaration or add to it as many times as you wish, even if you have already completed it. It is recommended to do it before the deadline, but it is possible up until the online declaration service closes on July 16.

After that it is possible again to make final changes if you notice an error after receiving your avis d’imposition, via your personal space on the tax website from August.

Source: The Connexion