Increase in credit card code theft in Montpellier


The elderly are being targeted by gangs and individuels in the Montpellier area. They watch their victims entering their credit card code whilst paying for items. Once they have their victim, they wait until they get into their car, and then distract them with various methods. A common one is pointing to a flat tyre.

Often the thieves work in pairs, so while one is distracting the victim, the other is removing the credit card from the victim’s wallet or handbag.

The theft isn’t discovered until the victim needs to use their credit card again, giving the thieves ample time to use the stolen card.

Hérault police say please be aware, be on your guard, and don’t be distracted by strangers. Hide your code when you input it into the machine. If you are worried or have been robbed, don’t hesitate to call 17.