It’s a dog’s life – a unique retirement home for dogs


Two passionate people have created an “Ehpad” where old dogs can live out a peaceful retirement.  Aged or sick, they are welcomed and cared for by Isabelle and Fabienne in their home in Lauragais.

Isabelle et ses pensionnaires / © Régis Guillon/ FTV

Isabelle Damitriadou and Fabienne Rohm are respectively a veterinary assistant and a dog groomer in Gardouch, Haute-Garonne.

A year ago they created the association “Cour des miracles” to raise the funds necessary for the operation of their very particular kind of shelter.

It’s a property 30 km from Toulouse where 15 bulldogs and bull terriers aged 10 to 14 years will be welcomed and pampered.

The SPA sometimes calls them to collect dogs in bad condition or it is sometimes the owners themselves who take them.

It’s a dog’s life. © Régis Guillon – FTV

Bull terriers and bulldogs, although robust, do not live long and have health problems that sometimes their owners cannot cope with.

Each dog has their bed in a converted bedroom that used to belong to one of Isabelle’s children.

Marius, the English bulldog, even has a double-decker bed, which as Isabelle says, is “So British.”

Source: France 3