Joined-up police checking for confinement forms


We had some confirmation from a reader, Paul, on Wednesday, about his experience of being checked by the police for the confinement form.  Be warned, they are checking, so make sure you have your paperwork with you, and be ready to talk about your reasons for being out.

We had to close our restaurant as of Saturday evening.  I have to say that while I felt that business would go down I did not think that we would forced to close.  Having spent 600 € at Metro on the Saturday morning and having a full restaurant booked on Sunday lunch at the time I was not too pleased.

On reflection however after watching what has happened in Italy and what is obviously going to happen in the U.S. if they don’t take far more action, I think it is a good idea.

I further agree with President Macrons address and comments on Tuesday evening.
I have decided to offer a delivery service of our restaurant meals to the nearby town and villages in order to keep hopefully some income.

With that in mind I drove to Perpignan 50 minutes away yesterday afternoon in order to buy delivery boxes and electrically heated deliver storage boxes.  I was wondering about your question about how the ban on travel would be enforced.  Be in no doubt.  It is being VERY strictly enforced.  I was stopped three times on my trip and I was unaware of the need for the written paperwork that I needed.  

I received the scolding of a lifetime from a particularly strict Police officer. Then at the second checkpoint I made the mistake of saying that I had already been warned by the previous officer.  Big mistake!  Why had I not returned home then?  The officer told me he was going to give me a ticket and he reached for his pocket book and a pen.  Fortunately a sergeant intervened and after a further scolding (of an excellent standard, I felt like a schoolboy caught playing truant), he thought that the reason why I was travelling was in ‘the spirit of entrepreneurs’.  He said that he would radio to the next checkpoint to let me through but then told me again that if I was caught without travel paperwork I would be fined.  I asked for his name which he gave me and I was allowed through the next checkpoint with just a wave.  

When I returned to my own town, Axat, I was stopped again.  I used the sergeants name to get through, but I will have the right paperwork next time.

Paul, Restaurant Aux Quatre Saisons, Axat