La nuit des musées


La nuit des musées is an opportunity to discover the riches of our heritage.

This Saturday, May 18th is the 15th edition of “La nuit des musées”.  Many museums across France open their doors until midnight, and generally it’s free.

There are a number of them opening in Occitanie.  The Museum at Moissac, the Médard museum in Lunel where a special printmaking workshop is scheduled from 8pm to 10pm, the textile museum in Labastide-Rouairoux, the Campanaire art museum in L’Isle Jordan dedicated to bells, horns and various chimes, the Museum – Arts & Figures des Pyrénées Centrales at Saint-Gaudens focusing on the history of the Central Pyrenees, and the museum of traditional arts and crafts in Salles-la-Source, to name a few.

Permanent exhibitions and specific events

The “escape game” organised at the Massey Museum at Tarbes, the Goya Museum of Castres and its dance show, offering a double artistic vision of the works, the Augustinian Museum in Toulouse opens its doors until 1am, its animations usually attract a large audience. The Museum des Abattoirs (Toulouse) with Jazz concert, improvisation and fun visit of its 5 permanent exhibitions. The Hyacinte Rigaud museum in Perpignan which organises a theatrical visit.

To consult the complete list of events click on the icons of the map below, or visit the main national site here, where you can find the full national agenda.