“La Traversette” offers lifeline to restaurants with unused stock

Des artichauts en attente d'être préparés dans les cuisines d'un restaurant © Radio France - Magali Fichter

The manager of a vegetable preserving business in Hérault has offered his services free to restaurant owners.

It is a nice gesture of solidarity offered by the manager of “La Traversette”, an artisanal cannery in Saint-André-de-Sangonis, Hérault. His factory is shut down because of the coronavirus, instead he has offered restaurateurs who have a stock of vegetables on their hands to make preserves.

“La Traversette” specialises in apéro spreads. Stéphane Strobl, manager, has been forced to place his six employees on unemployment for the confinement period.

“My work tool is not being used, so I told myself it’s time to be united. I suggest to the restaurateurs to come with their vegetables and I will help them make preserves that they can use later. I will do it for free of course “, said Stéphane.

Interested restaurateurs can contact him at

Source: France Bleu