Languedoc Solidarity with Refugees – urgent plea!


Languedoc Solidarity with Refugees (LSR) have an urgent plea for provisions – mostly food, and children’s nappies.

Here is what they said, and please do help if you can. Contact details are at the end of this article.

* * *

We are in desperate need for food and nappies (diapers) for refugee families living and arriving in the official shelter in Béziers.

New families arrive all the time, and most of them have nothing until their paper work is processed.

We support the shelter by taking non-perishable food every two weeks for those families considered to be in need. The families change every few weeks because some move on and become regularised and start their new life in France. The need is for the new arrivals. Please help Languedoc Solidarity with Refugees and bring us some food to help feed these families in crisis. The drop-off addresses are listed below the list of needed items. Most urgent for our next delivery are MILK, NAPPIES, JUICE, BEANS.

List  of  items  needed

Rice (plain), pasta (no couscous)
Beans in cans or jars, – white, brown
Dried beans – white, brown
Canned corn
Flour and sugar
Milk (not 0%)
Tuna fish
Peanut butter
Canned tomatoes,
Tomato purée, tomato paste
Bouillon cubes
Instant coffee,
Plain black breakfast tea (not Earl Gray please)
Fruit juice for the kids
Nappies size 5
Toilet paper, paper towels
Feminine hygiene products (not tampons)
Washing up liquid
Laundry detergent
Shower gel, toothbrushes,
Shaving lotion, razors

Please drop off at any of the following addresses:

48 avenue d’Agde 34450 VIAS
Brigid Benson 0607873321
Philip Painter 0786724070

Gary and Wendela Kilmer
5 Rue de l’Occitanie , 34320 Nizas
0627120598, 0645955086

Diana Sawday, Graeme Johnson,
10 rue de L’Eglise, 34230
Campagnan, 06 19 40 66 00

Colombières sur Orb
Patrick Cameron,
2 impasse du Courtiol, 34390 Colombières sur Orb, 04 67 95 81 35

Rosa Fichna
13 Rue Sadi Carnot, 34140 Mèze
06 19 28 77 13

Bassie Scott
21 Rue De la Rauziere
Gabian 34320
06 51 46 45 82