Le Paresseur


This is one of those places where you know the people behind the restaurant are foodies, just by looking at the menu.

There are a lot of ‘at the moment suggestions’, which I love.

Located on a tiny street full of bar and restaurant terraces in the Eccuson neighbourhood of Montpellier, Le Paresseur is classic French food with a modern update, exceptionally well done.

They actually produce most of the vegetables themselves in their own bio garden, which makes it 100% local, seasonal and with little carbon footprint.

We started with a planche de charcuterie, including a huge piece of foie-gras served with the tastiest homemade fig confiture. We then ordered the rabbit ravioli and the burger, cooked to perfection, followed by the tiramisu du saison and a café gourmand (espresso with small dessert bites).

The gorgeous arched stonewalls give it the feeling that you are eating in an old Mas, although the decor is modern, clean and chic. The staff are courteous and helpful. Do make a reservation though this place is always busy. You also may run into the Chef’s beautiful dog who occasionally greets diners, so don’t be alarmed.

Le Paresseur
Restaurant & Cuisine du Marché
15 Rue Jules Latreilhe
34000 Montpellier

04 67 67 12 07

By Leo Teatero