Leaking Pool? Local company offers readers 20% off


Swimming pools are common feature in properties all over the Languedoc, whether they be private and used exclusively by the owner, or the all important selling point of your rental property or gites complex. Swimming pools are complex beasts, requiring a degree of knowledge the keep them running properly. And they do suffer from problems from time to time.

Pool leaks are amongst the most worrying of issues to discover, they prevent the pool from running properly, take up valuable resource in both increased use of water and chemicals, and often cause structural damage.

We were pleased to discover the creation of a new Company in South France specialising in swimming pool leak detection and repair, the English speaking “Fuite Detection”.
We spoke to owner and co-founder Steve Mallet…

“I am a pool owner and had been experiencing water loss for 2 years, and had real trouble locating somebody locally who had the technical knowledge, equipment, and desire to come and help. Eventually I found a Company in England, Thames Swimming Pools, who were willing to come over and have a look. They found the problem within 15 minutes – crushed pipework buried beneath a meter of concrete! Using their specialist technology they pinpointed the precise location of the problem, and shortly after it was repaired and I now have a perfectly functioning pool.

It occurred to me that there was an opportunity to launch this brilliant product and service into France, and so in January this year Fuite Detection was born, working in association with Thames Swimming Pools.

The service is essentially in two stages – firstly we undertake a thorough survey to find out where the leak is occurring, using the most modern technology and equipment. The second stage uses technology from the USA to repair the leak, in many cases without requiring expensive and disruptive excavation.

We’ve had an exceptional response to our launch, and are delighted we are able to help our clients to restore problem pools to their former glory! There’s nothing better than arriving at a property to see a beautiful , inviting crystal clear pool!”

Steve has kindly offered a special offer exclusively to the readers of Languedoc Living who have a potentially leaky pool, 20% off the price of a survey.

Details can be found here  or email steve on contact@fuitedetection.fr

Dive in!!

[This team come highly recommended and were able to locate the problem and fix our leaking pool with the minimum amount of disruption – we now have a full and crystal clear pool again – thanks guys!]