Les Femmes Dans l’Art


Next Saturday is the second edition of Les Femmes Dans l’Art at the Art and Culture Centre at Chateau de Grézan in Laurens.

It promises to be another fabulous day like last year.

There’s a lot happening throughout the day.  It starts at 10am, and finishes at sundown.  Great food and drinks are available all day, there are lots of artists and artisans, there’s music, there’s an exhibition and a vernissage, so come along for a fun and creative time.  Read below for more details of what’s on.

Artists and Artisans

There will be artists and artisans in the courtyard and the dining rooms, where they will be displaying various art forms, and selling their products.  There’s a wide range of displays this year, including dried and paper flowers, mosaics, textiles, ceramics, paper art, candles, knitted items, jewellery, scarves, dream catchers, accessories, meditation cushions, glass, home decorations, lacquer work, leather and wood, hats, cards and bookmarks, patchwork, basketwork, mohair clothes, and more.  Some of the exhibitors will be doing demonstrations where you can either watch, or join in.

Drawing classes

Two professional artists, Modesty and Else, will be running drawing classes with a live model.  They will take place at 10am and 2pm in the Salle Saint Jean, the beautifully renovated stables upstairs.  It’s a private area, so if you’re a bit shy about drawing in public, don’t worry, no-one will be watching you!  You can expect a fun, creative and non-judgemental atmosphere.  If you’ve never done any drawing before, or if you’re a seasoned artist, you’re all welcome.  You can book the classes here, or book when you arrive.  The classes are €10 each.  If you have materials that you’d like to use, bring them along, although paper and pencils can be provided.

Here’s a bit about the two artists.

Modesty Sofronenkoff is a self-employed multi-creative cultural worker.  She has a great palette of expression and her media is photography, sculpture, painting, mixed media and music.  She has  been drawing for more than 30 years and has held courses for the past 15 years. http://modesty.just.nu       http://modestyspictures.se

Else Poulsgaard is a Norwegian artist living in Halmstad Sweden. She teaches art classes creates her own art, working with watercolours, drawing, and live modelling.


On the ground floor of the renovated stables, is the Galerie d’Art.  There will be an exhibition called Née Humain featuring Rakel Persson.

The exhibition will be open all day, and there will be a vernissage at 4pm.

Read more about Rakel, and what she said about her exhibition here.

Food and wine

Catering will be provided by Ken and Alison Catering.  They will be doing tapas all day.  You can sit at tables in the courtyard, or if you want to wander off into the beautiful park and have a picnic, you’re welcome to do that.

The food is excellent value – between €4.50 and €5.50 for tapas, and €2 to €2.50 for desserts.

Cold drinks, teas and coffees are also available from Ken and Alison.

There will be a wine bar, where you can buy wine by the glass or by the bottle.

Here is the menu for the globally-inspired tapas dishes.


The owners of Château de Grézan Art and Culture Centre are delighted to welcome celebrated musician Aisha Orazbayeva to the Femmes Dans l’Art event.

You can read more about Aisha in our article here.

Aisha Orazbayeva


Les Femmes Dans l’Art is on Saturday 28 September at Château de Grézan Art & Culture Centre, 34480 Laurens.  Open 10am till 8pm, entrance is free.