Letters in early February


Beziers airport

“It strikes me that those who want to make it grow and stay should push to have a train station there.”

“I use Béziers airport several times a year. Please don’t close it!”

“As I divide my year between Sweden and Béziers I need the airport Béziers Cap d’Agde and so do all my friends who come to visit me and this lovely area.”

“Closing the gateway to SW France is crazy.”

We set up a petition to keep Béziers and Nîmes airports open. There has been a tremendous response so far, with over 1650 signatures as at the 5th February. We had a meeting with Pascal Pintre and several locals were interviewed by a journalist of Le Parisien. Please keep the support going, it’s very useful for Pascal to be able to quote the amount of support from the region. 

Pascal also maintains that SNCF may yet agree to a station there, so watch this space. 

A House in Trausse

“Loved the second instalment of “A House in France”. Makes me want to be there.”

You can see the third instalment here, and there’s a chance to win a kindle copy of the book. See the article for more details.  

Processional Caterpillars

“A nature note. Feb 1st and the processional caterpillars have started to come down out of the trees. Had one down this morning.”

For those of you unfamiliar with these caterpillars, please beware. They are very dangerous to pets, as they cause a severe irritation, which can sometimes lead to death. French locals normally burn them, as any other way of dealing with them can cause their hairs to spread through the air. 

They are very early this year. Their nests can be spotted in trees (often pine), looking like a ball of candy floss (see top picture). Keep away from them, and keep your pets away too.

US politics

Re Ronnie Smith’s commentary. “Trump is a creature of the media and nothing more. I don’t think anyone except his racist, xenophobic supporters (and the religious right who would rather vote for a pet rock than a democrat) take him seriously. Independents have NO CHANCE in the American political system because of how voting works. All they can do is hurt whatever party they really belong to by slurping up a few crucial votes.”

“Sanders and Trump stand not for right and left in the minds of American voters, but rather as something other than the status quo who has ruled for the past 30 years (since Jimmy Carter.) All of whom have supported big biz over people. If you are going to comment on American politics, please know what you are talking about so you don’t spread even more mis-information!”

We thought Ronnie Smith’s article was interesting, and it’s clear from the results so far that it’s going to be hard to second-guess what the voting public will do.  Twenty-four percent of racist xenophobic supporters of Trump in Iowa is quite a lot of voters!  It will be good to hear that the polls for New Hampshire are wrong – they are currently showing Trump ahead.

You can see a summary so far here.

EU referendum

“I’m a Brit living in France for more than 15 years, and it’s disgusting that I’m not allowed to vote!”

Embassies around Europe enlist Britain’s expatriate community to vote.

It is estimated that worldwide so far only about 5% of eligible overseas voters are registered.

If you are eligible to vote and you haven’t yet registered, please go here.

The Coalition

We’re delighted to announce that the winner of the draw for The Coalition by local writer Rachel Caldecott-Thornton is Gayle from 11120 Mailhac. Congratulations Gayle, the signed book will be making its way to you shortly!

For all the disappointed readers who didn’t win, commiserations, but you can find the book on Amazon here if you want a copy.