Letters in February


La chasse

A lot of you have been asking about the hunt, and when it is officially over. It officially finished on the last weekend in February, and starts again in June 2016.

There’s a myth that hunters are allowed to hunt for ‘gibier’ (rabbits, hares, birds etc) outside of the official hunting period, but it’s not true. If you see a hunter with a gun now, he is breaking the law and you can report him.


“I am angry and outraged that the UK is being threatened with its own destruction by mainly English politicians who are trying to mend the rift in their own party, (Conservative) and its offshoot (UKIP) and for no other fundamental reason. There is a great danger that the UK will leave the EU, followed by Scotland leaving the UK. In addition I find it upsetting that when finally the votes are counted and the turnout worked out, fewer than a third of the population is likely to have imposed its will on the rest. That is hardly democratic.

“Lastly, if the UK votes to leave, we may well witness the breakup of not only the EU – with other countries wanting their own referendum – but also the UK. Within a generation or two, Europe will be back to what it has been doing most of its history; war and destruction. Seventy or more years of peace (with a few exceptions) will finally come to an end. Will future historians call this era The Hundred Years Peace?”


“We are looking for volunteers to be collection points for donations around the region.”

We published a story about more donations needed here. Rachel Thornton tells us that the article is bearing fruit, which is good news. They still need more donations though, and also some volunteers to be collection points, so please get in touch with Rachel if you can help. rachel.thornton@club-internet.fr 

Speeding and radars

With reference to the new radars on the A9, and the radar currently beating all records, one reader pointed out “I don’t think it’s only speed causing problems, it’s also the practice of using ‘quick’ manoeuvres and tailgating while overtaking.”

Boris and Trump

“Who’s Ronnie Smith? A brilliant article on the ‘human laundry basket’ and bumbling oaf Boris Johnson. “

“I read your Johnson/Trump quotes with interest. Just this week I told the Sunday Times: ‘Boris for PM would be similar to Trump for President’”.

“The idea of Boris Johnson at number 10 or Trump in the Whitehouse fills me with dread. Bush would be preferable…. did I really write that?”

Customer Care

“I had an experience today that typifies business in France at the present, and why the French economy is doing so badly. I needed four concrete slabs for the pool-side to replace broken ones. Two the same size and one each of two different sizes.

“The builders yard I visited was advertising at the front of the building the make of slabs – Bradstone – that I needed. I took the man who worked there and showed him what I wanted, but unfortunately the large pile of Bradstones had another palette of heavy stones on top of it. He simply refused to bring a fork-lift and remove the top palette. My tiny order of four slabs, €10-15, wasn’t big enough for him to stir himself! When will they wake up?”

Here but not here

“I was disappointed to see today’s article on blackberry usage, which was quite funny, up to the point where it linked Asperger’s Syndrome to blackberry usage. People living with Asperger’s understand this is an actual difference and not a choice to be rude. The author was himself/herself rude to suggest otherwise. When my husband and I dine in a restaurant, we do it to catch up with each other’s day or week and sometimes that involves sharing photos or other tidbits saved to our iPhones. We may appear to be independently ignoring each other, but are, in fact, sharing things we have saved for this opportunity. Consider that perspective. By the way, my son has Asperger’s and he doesn’t have a blackberry because he thinks that smart phones make dumb people, which is ironic, isn’t it?”

[Sorry for any offence caused – Ed]

“What a great article about the phones. It’s so true that people seem to be losing the art of old-fashioned communication. I would have called to tell you this had I had your number, but instead I’m reduced to typing this on my tablet. Is that irony?”


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