Letters in January


When is a mob not a mob?

We printed a story – Drunken mob terrorise Carcassonne centre

A reader quite rightly pointed out that “Since when did 5 blokes become a mob…really.”

[It’s a fair cop guv. Ed]

Harmony and fraternity

“Perhaps more worrying than Ménard is the mind-set of those who voted for him.”

In response to the letter printed here about racism: 

“Just a small comment on the comments you published of the reader, who said, amongst other things, that Muslims don’t allow churches in their countries. Actually, they do. Further, ‘Muslim’ countries are as different from one another as are ‘Christian’ or non-denominational countries.

“Cultures are different, traditions are different. Some are fundamentalist, or close to, and others very secular. So some are entirely unconcerned at the presence of churches; others maybe not so much. With 1.5 billion or so Muslims in the world, you would expect some variations, wouldn’t you – after all, they are only human.”

[You’ve only got to look at Toledo in Spain in the 11th century for a marvelous example of tolerance of different religions and cultures living side by side – Christians, Muslims and Jews in a small town. Evidentially it’s possible, but we aren’t doing a great job today are we? Ed]