Letters in June 2016



“I registered with Bloctel on 1st June and currently can do nothing other than give praise. We always received at least 2-3 calls a day (generally mid day). Fingers crossed (or are the people we are trying to target ON STRIKE?)”

“I registered earlier this week, following your piece, and concluded the admin in under an hour. Since then I have had just one cold call, in contrast to the 3 or 4 I used to receive daily.” 

Misleading headline

“I’m no defender of the church and its wicked ways, but still, if I were him I might sue.”


We published a story about Cardinal Philippe Barbarin appearing in court to answer charges that he allowed a priest continued access to children in his parish, despite claims of paedophilia. We had a rather misleading headline, which attracted some response. We have changed the headline since.  Sorry!


“Please point out to your correspondent that a french youth was the Junior Champion of Roland Garros this year. Shame to ignore his considerable achievement.”

Katrina Allen’s article concentrated on the Senior Championship, but thanks for pointing out Blancaneaux’s achievement.


“Surely there’s nothing more moving and reflective than a camera panning over war graves in total silence? Thousands of children running through the cemetery to drumbeat? Simply appalling, I’m afraid.”

“I found your comment about the hoards of children running over war graves not only flippant but disrespectful. Does the phrase Rest in Peace mean anything to you? Perhaps anyone who is Far Left cares nothing for respect.” 

[People show their respect in different ways. Personally, I’m in favour of silent contemplation, but others would argue that a group activity with gravitas is just as respectful. The suggestion that Left equals no respect however, is a rather bizarre claim which I dispute. Ed]


“I really wonder who runs the country! The unions are unbelievably arrogant in demanding that a government must do as they say. They are simply egotistical bullies, and have no understanding of the needs of business – or the whole picture. This destroys the role that unions should and could play, restricting their actions to the real needs of workers & employers. It’s so sad to see our adopted country in such turmoil. Many thanks for the enlightening coverage.

English yobs

“Well said Ed about the British yobs at Marseille – I totally agree with your remarks. We left Spain during 2006 after 10 years of living there and some of those reasons were the embarrassment of how the ‘yobs’ reacted, and that we were their same nationality.  I have 2 French son-in-laws and 4 French grandchildren and proud of them. Thanks Ed – still enjoy Languedoc Living – still passing it on.”