Letters in September 2016


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Earlier this month, we published a letter from Richard Kemm about Brexit.

Here are some of the responses.

* * *

Richard Kemm’s letter made my hackles rise. As a “remainer” I dislike intensely the terms “sulky and sullen” being attributed to me and I have certainly not been holding my breath until I turn blue! How patronising and arrogant can one be?!

Firstly, he makes no mention in his letter of the lies fed to the British public by the Brexit campaigners. Only days after the referendum, many of those who had voted to leave having believed in everything they were fed by an incredibly biased media, on realising that they had indeed been lied to, said ‘If I had known I would not have voted to leave’.

It is not clear to me where Mr Kemm has his permanent residence, but as a reader of Languedoc Living, it would seem that he spends a good deal of his time in this part of France. He dismisses the exchange rate rather as he would swat a fly. Yes, the pound did fall at times to almost parity and this was very hard for British residents here and elsewhere in Europe who are dependent on a sterling income. But this was due to an international financial crisis. The fact that the exchange rate dropped overnight from €1.30 to €1.15 as a result of the referendum result is quite a different issue. Perhaps the exchange rate is not an issue for Mr Kemm and does not affect his lifestyle as it does for some people living here, many of whom did not have a vote in the referendum.

Wherever Mr Kemm declares his taxes, he is obviously a keen listener of the Jeremy Vine show. His comment about the caller who spoke of her dream house (“only two houses” then….?) seems snide in the extreme.

On his “non-emotional basics” (what a bizarre description): He needs reminding that until Article 50 is invoked, the US is still in the EU. Almost everything he lists are actions that have taken place already.

He does not refer to the numerous companies who have stated that if the UK leaves the EU they will seriously have to consider moving their headquarters to another capital.

He does not refer to the researchers in universities who receive assistance and enjoy the benefits of information exchange with their European counterparts.

He does not refer to the huge subsidies from the EU that have helped poorer areas in the UK.

I too “could go on”.

The “short-term pressures” are mainly due to the fact that no-one knows just what will happen, not even Mr Kemm. And sorry, but I will not support “the majority” because it was not, and still is not, a majority.


* * *

I would love to respond – At last, a sensible view on Brexit and thank you for printing his thoughts. I doubt, however, given your views, well stated, ad infinitum, that mine is the kind of response you are looking for is it?


* * *

Richard Kemm ‘could go on’ and claims ‘he feels better’. He will no doubt feel better still when he gets back to the UK. 


Tax Foncières 

You asked for input on tax foncière. For my apartment in Clermont L’Hérault it has doubled. So far the tax people have not responded to my request for an explanation.


* * *

My tax has gone sky high this year, and no one seems willing to explain why.


* * *

Have any other readers found this, or had any feedback from officials?