Letters up to 12 November 2016


First of all, thank you to Peter Pugh for the Autumn photographs featured in this article, which were taken in the vines at Moussan. 

Secondly, Ed says thank you to all the readers who wrote in with birthday wishes. The team had a very jolly time in Nice.


We’ve had a letter from a reader about terrible service from an LCL bank, which we are going to feature in an article soon. It’s bordering on criminal at worst, negligent at best.

Have any other readers had problems with this bank? Please write in to us, and you can remain anonymous if you wish.

Power supplies

Re your article about French power supplies, I was interested to see your comment about “pulling extra supplies from UK”.  According to the pundits over here in the UK, we can barely cope, and a severe weather incident could overload the system and we would have to use France as a backup…….confusion reigns.


Pain au chocolat 

Following our article about the 15c pain au chocolats made in jest at the comments from presidential hopeful Copé being clueless about the price of them, several readers wrote in wondering whether they could buy any. Sorry, we think it was a one-off, but Muriel, you could be right!

I would purchase 40 of the Cope sized snacks! Donut holes are very popular in Canada and I think these bite-sized pain-au-chocolats might be a good business deal! 


Katrine wrote in to say “Disappointed in the vegetables in the south of France”.

Katrine, I don’t know where you are shopping, but in our experience the vegetables are superb. If you’re shopping in supermarkets, maybe you’re picking up the (mostly Dutch) force-grown, identically sized tomatoes for example. Go to the markets, go to the smaller local vegetable shops, stop at the side of the road at those little single-seller places with just a table and a pile of potimarron now, or asparagus in season. Buy produce in season, and I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. 

Overweight adults 

The article about overweight adults missed out a big issue.

You left out burgers – French consumption is the highest in Europe.

l’Hérault, The Hérault, The l’Hérault ?

I so very much enjoy getting your newsletter every day, as my husband and I own a house in the Hérault, but we live in the States. I teach French as a foreign language and I am always puzzled as to why you say “The l’Hérault”

“l'” is an elision for “le” which already means “the” as you know. It’s redundant to use both “the” and “L'” when referring to the Hérault. If you were writing in French, it would, of course, be l’Hérault, but in English you change the l’ to the. You don’t say “The l’Aude” in your articles.

Thank you, again, for the important and appreciated work that you do!

[Christiane, you are of course completely correct, however it’s more a question of how it sounds. Many people say ‘the l’Hérault’ here, and I suppose it just sticks in one’s mind. We will try to be more consistent, and use the correct version of ‘the Hérault’ or ‘l’Hérault’ ! Thanks for your comments. Ed]

15 year vote rule

Sorry Ed but I still can’t see why people who choose to leave the country of their birth & live elsewhere long term i.e. over 15 years, should have any right to vote on that country’s rules, regulations or in general elections . Surely that’s having your cake & eating it. Full rights in both countries? Home country not good enough to live in but want to rule over those still living there?

Smacks of elitism to me . I live in England , have a holiday home in France so the referendum has affected me also but I still believe only those living in the U.K. should have a say on what happens here not people who have, in some cases, lived abroad for 20 years or more . I know this view will not be popular with your readers but I think some of them need a reality check.

[Readers, any comments? Ed]


I have a question about car-drivers: Are those drivers who put on their car-lights on a bright sunny day the same ones who – on a dark, rainy day – don’t?


Are any readers interested in providing articles on ecology and green living? If so, please write to us at info@languedocliving.com

We are also looking for people who want to share their recipes with us. If you have an interest in cooking and want to feature some of your recipes, please send them to us along with two photos.