Letters up to 17th September


Rosemary George’s book competition

Thanks to all of you who have written in to win Rosemary’s latest book. If you haven’t taken part yet, it’s not too late. Click on this article to find out how to enter. 


Thanks for all your letters about the travel problems when there was a fire at Béziers airport.

It seems that lots of people were delayed for a couple of hours, but the pompiers managed to get the line going again later in the day.

“My husband and I were travelling back from the UK on Monday via the Eurostar. We then boarded a local train to take us to Agde. When we arrived at Nimes we waited there at least 40 minutes. We then went on to Montpellier were we sat for ages with no announcements. Eventually we were told to leave the train as it was only going to Sète. We crossed the platform (with large luggage) and had to force ourselves on the TGV as the trained was packed. Again we sat with no announcements. The doors shut twice before we eventually left and went on to Sète. Again at Sète we were stationary. Then an announcement said that anyone for Agde needed to leave the train and board a coach to continue their journey. This we did, all in very high temperatures. We eventually arrived at Agde 3 hours later than our due time.” 

“We travelled by train on the Béziers/Sète line yesterday at 16.00. We saw the burnt fields – but the train travelled at normal speed. There is work on the track in the area and trains have been going more slowly because of that.” 


We’ve had a few letters about readers sharing our articles on Facebook. When Facebook posts a link, it looks for an appropriate picture to post. While we are complying with all the aspects of getting Facebook to pick the appropriate image, we don’t have direct control over that. So sorry if sometimes an ad appears rather than the story’s picture. We’re trying to deal with it, but so far we aren’t having much luck! Facebook has a mind of its own.


We have readers who write in who don’t agree with some of our political stances. While we have strong views on some issues, no one can accuse us of not giving our readers a voice. Here’s one such voice. Blue touch paper lit… 

Brexit – Armageddon

I’m getting fed up. I have rarely been surrounded by more sulky, sullen behavior than ‘Remainers’, who are holding their breath until they go blue because they didn’t get their own way. I wonder how many of them would have asked for a second referendum if the UK had voted to remain ‘just to make sure’? It seems that some people would argue to keep having referendums until they win one, then drop the subject and gloat. Perhaps we should call this strategy ‘The Scottish Solution”! However, it’s becoming Known as “Remoaners”

The UK seems awash with doom merchants just waiting to be able to say “I told you so!”, but guess what, apart from the current exchange rate there’s actually very little bad news to write home about.

Only the other day, on the Jeremy Vine radio show, a chap rang in to say he had started a business some ten years ago and now, because of Brexit and the fall in the pound, it would cost him a million pounds a year in turnover. (Turnover for Vanity, Profit for Sanity). He failed to mention however, that during those past ten years Sterling has been as low as €1.02 and, between 2009 and 2014, rarely above €1.20! Just about all independent financial advice states that pre referendum the pound was overvalued and now, having been realigned to a reasonable level, British exporters will be better able to compete and therefore drive their businesses forward.

Even the IMF has been outed. Yes, that Remain supporting group of bankers have admitted propping up the Euro for years, seemingly being blind to the simple, but widely accepted mantra that you cannot enjoy fiscal union without political union and vice versa.

On the same radio show a woman called in to say she has had to cancel buying her ‘dream’ holiday home in France “Because of Brexit”. (Only two houses then…?) On the same day Lloyds bank reportedly announced a closure of branches, “Because of Brexit”. Everybody seemingly missing the point that the closures were announced and reported before the referendum. (Nothing to do with profit then…?).

Let’s look at some non-emotional basics.

• Glaxo and AstraZenica, who claimed leaving the EU would be bad for business have announced a combined level of a half a billion pounds of new investment in the UK. as it’s “hard to find a better place in the World” to carry out research”.

• Wells Fargo has announced that its new European headquarters, costing

£300 million, will be in London.

• The once named Acorn Computers has been bought for £24.3 billion, with a guarantee to match that amount in investment, creating thousands of new jobs.

• The UK’s economy grew 0.6 in the last quarter, twice that of the Eurozone.

• Initial trade discussions have been made with a number of World class economic powers.

• As we opt out of the European Communities Act we can repeal laws foisted upon us with which we did not agree, but could not argue against.

I could go on. I understand there are some short-term pressures, but the future looks great. Believe the dream; support the majority; but most of all – stop moaning and start admitting that there’s a chance you were wrong.

Anyway, I feel better now. And so what if I can’t spell Armageddon, it’s not the end of the World.

Richard Kemm

[We feel sure that some readers will be delighted to respond to this letter.  We look forward to reading them!  Ed]