Letters week of 20th June


Dear Ed

I’ve tried to avoid a knee-jerk reaction, which to be truthful, was not a surprise because of the last month’s momentum. So this is not a political coruscation, more a disappointed reaction tinged with sadness, to do with long term friends in UK for whom I have great fondness.

These are sensible, usually clear-thinking, questioning folk who fell into line behind the half truths and the Little England rhetoric. My view was dismissed as irrelevant, because I wasn’t living in the UK; I’d think differently otherwise. That was the level of debate. I was given no credence of a life pre-France, of the “…and another thing” arguments we’d have into the early hours with a 2nd bottle of The Balvenie to hand. Now my view is dismissed as self-interest. It seems these long standing friends would have found another reason, had I still been living in the UK.

My sincere hope is that recriminations are short and complete and that the country can get on with resolving whatever needs to be resolved, in a consensual way….with fingers crossed…. though I guess my friendships will now have a tinged background. Maybe even those can be worked through, given time. I now have a better understanding of the way Scottish society was riven in 2014.

As far as self-interest is concerned, my view is that we Brexpats(?) are inextricably linked with whatever decisions the 2 year negotiations come up with about the future status of EU citizens currently living/working legally in the UK.

I’m now too old and too ugly to become politically exercised by anything other than injustice….these few month have shown how facile and inane political arguments have become So I will continue to enjoy my less than sybaritic life style, continue to take the red wine as heart medication and enjoy my time absorbing the culture.

Chacun à son goût. 


* * *

Has anyone noticed that the Brexit referendum result is not a mandate and is not law. It was simply to determine the opinion and the will of the largely uninformed majority of the British people.

Neither has the British parliament debated and passed it as an act.

Is there a grain of hope anywhere?

More than 16,000,000 million British people voted to remain in the EU. And that is a fact.

Alison Crockett

* * *

We live for 9 months of the year at Watford in the UK and for 3 months of the year at our house in Capestang 34310.

Like a good many people we are absolutely shocked and dismayed at the EU referendum result but what makes it worse is that during the campaign the people running the exit campaigns, spearheaded by ‘Leave’ told a series of blatant lies.

The first being that the UK paid £350 million a week in contributions to the EU and that on exit the money could be used to fund the NHS. This was emblazoned on the side of the ‘Leave’ campaign bus and much of their literature.

In fact that sum was reduced by the rebate obtained by Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher – some was given back by Prime Minister Blair in negotiations but the figure was still really in fact some £20 million a week. Then there were other returns from the EU such as CAP payments and EU grants making the nett figure much, much less.

We were continually informed that the bulk of law making emanated from Brussels, they suggested about 75%, a far as I recall but the actual figure from some is much lower and in the teens.

Towards the end of the campaign a lot of play was made by them to suggest that the accession of Turkey to the EU was somehow imminent and indicated that there would be a vast number of Turks emigrating to the UK.

All these were lies and in addition there were other half truths, scare stories and innuendo used in cynical attempts to gain votes by whatever means they could without regard to the normal accepted standards of behaviour which should include honesty, integrity and honour.

As a result I take the view that this referendum was won through the use of deceit and this being the case how can the result be democratic if it has been gained through such deceit?

In consequence this referendum was fundamentally flawed and a result obtained through deceit should not be allowed to stand.

My understanding is that the result does not actually become law until it is ratified by the British Parliament.

I have written to our MP to express my misgivings.

A petition has also been started:


I have signed this. 

It is my view that the shameful decision of the UK to leave the EU should not be given up without a fight.

There are many who are very bitter and concerned about this in the UK as there are in France.

I propose that those of us who are concerned should shout our misgivings from the rafters, where possible through relatives to the UK parliament, where people have connections to representatives of the French Government and if possible to the European Commission itself.

In my view the British people have suffered a grave injustice and the only way we can fight back is through ‘People Power’.

Mike Meehan 

* * *

The result of the Referendum was a sorry result for everyone – both the Leave camp as well as Remain. The blame for this result, however, must rest firmly with Merkel, Hollande, Juncker, Tusk and Renzi. If they had spent more time listening to Cameron in February and less time opening their mouths they could have averted this debacle. The seething dissatisfaction in Britain with the EU was plain for all to see and these leaders ignored it, being driven more by dogma than practicalities. Sad day! And the economic cost will hit the remaining members of the EU much more than the UK. 

Next time, listen to what the real people are saying!

Hugh Burrell 

* * *

I think you need a reality check re the referendum result. Are you really stating that the majority of people are wrong they should of (sic) voted to stay in so that ex pats can continue to live outside of the U.K & enjoy all the benefits of sunshine , good food etc as per your article whilst those of us in England are literally swamped with immigrants & asylum seekers , housing , the NHS, schools, dentists , health centres are all struggling to cope with the vast and growing population.

I have a holiday home in France but I voted out as I live in an area where there are more immigrants than English. The shops have signs in Polish and goods are priced in euros – this is illegal but due to mass objection from said immigrants it all remains. You only get jobs if you go via agencies and they won’t sign up the English.

People who live in cities do not experience this problem but the rest of us do . Crime rate is soaring and the latest figures give 40% as the number of non-nationals in English jails . We can’t apparently deport them, as say Australia does. If you look at the map of who voted what in England only London voted to remain the rest of us want out . Scotland have their own agenda but when offered a vote on leaving England they voted to stay. They now don’t accept a majority out vote and again want another vote on their own status. Wales voted out Ireland in but again Ireland is already a divided country. The people I feel sorry for are those in Gibraltar.

What will happen to them, have you given them a thought between moaning about the price of your cheap wine? Why should the UK be ruled by Germany & the European courts so you can live cheaply in the sun? I am happy to pay extra for my piece of

France if it means my own country can be governed by its own rules & regulations & not dictated to by a European court that has yet to have any of its financial returns sanctioned, as it’s so corrupt.


[Goodness me, they are pretty strong words Bert! Ed]

* * *

In your latest rant after the people of a sovereign country gave their collective judgement, it seems that your lefty faculties have again imploded. During this, you state that Michael Gove is unelected. As he is the Elected MP for Surry Heath, I am afraid that your lefty rantings are yet again wrong. I await your grovelling apology.


[Thank you for pointing out our mistake in such a delicate and gentile manner.  The article has been corrected.  Ed]