Letters – week of 20th March


This week’s letters have been predominantly about our stance on the UK and the EU.

The vast majority of our letters have been supporting our strong opinions that it’s better to stay in Europe than leave. Some of our readers don’t like the fact that we have opinions, but in the spirit of free speech, we are publishing those too.

“Simply cannot believe you published your Editorial rant letter 13th March. Totally unprofessional. The June EU referendum is in essence all about democracy; it will finally give the UK the chance to vote for or against being ruled by UNELECTED elites.

If you don’t like democracy I suggest you kindly move elsewhere such as Africa or Russia.”

“Well done, Ed, for your strong response on Brexit. It’s high time for the in camp to speak out like this.”

“Oh joy unconfined! Thank God someone has the courage to ‘take sides’ in the referendum debate. For one moment I thought that ‘political correctness’ had spread its extreme and unwelcome tentacles around every publication in the country. Fortunately, you can’t spread tentacles around a breath of fresh air. I can’t see that there’s anything wrong with nailing your colours to the mast, particularly if Boris Johnson is already hanging from it. Whatever views we expats have, you have fuelled the debate and made people start thinking about the implications of a Brexit more seriously. If you have encouraged even a few hundred to wake up from their political slumbers, take up the cudgel and register to vote, you will have done a great service to your subscribers.”

“We are sick and tired of the wishy washy stuff people come out with…..this is not just for us, it’s for the future, as you so rightly imply.”