Here are some readers’ letters. Keep them coming in please!

Winter fuel allowances

“Winter Fuel loss NOT “fair enough”. We have paid our dues, should reap the benefits !!!”

“Regarding the winter fuel payment. Any idea how or where we have to claim if born before 1952?”

[Ed – There is a useful article here.

Roger Boaden (featured in this article) from Saint-Nicholas Courbefy, France has very kindly stepped forward to take on the task of what to do next, with an appeal to the Committee for Petitions of the European Parliament, Brussels.

Roger would now very much like to hear from anybody who would like to support this appeal offering him help/assistance and you can contact him directly on roger.boaden@wanadoo.fr If you also have your own local town/village/parish support group will you please also indicate this to Roger.

Roger now eagerly awaits your mails!]

Franglais ou Frenglish?

We had lots of comments from readers about this delightful story by Languedoc Living reader Linda Thomson. You can read it here.  

“Well done to Linda Thomson for her short story today…l I enjoyed it very much”

“…and L’académie de français worry about too many english words in the french language”

“Can we have a chapter two please!”

Mum sues France after teen son leaves for jihad


“Why is it that parents try to blame everyone else rather than take responsibility for their own children? The mother is stupid and she should realise her children are her responsibility and not everyone else’s. After all, she was the one who had them.”


“ “Police in south-western France are investigating after an expat couple from Britain were found shot dead at their home by the cleaner.” A classic Dangling Participle! Well done!”