Lézignan-Corbières nursery school closed for Covid-19


In Lézignan-Corbières, the Daudet nursery school was closed on Monday as a precaution after a teacher was being tested for Covid-19.

A childminder from the same school with flu symptoms was due to be tested on Tuesday morning.  If results are positive for coronavirus, the Daudet nursery school will be closed for 15 days.  If it is negative, the school will reopen its doors, after a cleaning of the premises.

Five new cases were announced by the Regional Health Agency in Aude.  The new cases are all domiciled in the upper Aude valley, near Quillan and are linked to a couple in their seventies diagnosed last week.

Last week, three cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the department of Aude.  These three people who tested positive recently traveled to Egypt.

The Occitanie regional health agency clarified that their condition does not require hospitalisation, they remain at home in isolation.

Source: France 3