Lidl recalls potatoes sold in June


Bags of potatoes have been recalled by Lidl after the produce was found to have breached the maximum allowed limit for residues of the insecticide fosthiazate.

The recall affects “Nouvelle Récolte”-branded bags of Colomba-variety potatoes, sold in Lidl by the company Parmentine S.A., by supplier Scea de Papin, between June 21-26, 2019. / DGCCRF

Packaging also showed the lot numbers 19147537 L2502 and 19147537 L2503, and the code 2024225.

Ingesting the insecticide can cause anxiety, headaches, respiratory or circulatory issues. Anyone who has eaten the potatoes and is worried about their symptoms should consult a doctor.

Anyone who still has any bags of the potatoes should not eat them, and should instead take them back to the shop to receive a refund – even without a receipt.

The Lidl customer service line is open to questions on the phone number 0 800 900 343.

Source: / DGCCRF, The Connexion