Local artist takes pity on the pangolin

Dominik Chaudoir at work

Dominik Chaudoir is a professional artist from Belgium living in Pyrénées Orientales.  She is a freelance artist participating in various exhibitions.  She also also teaches drawing and painting to teenagers and adults and also Applied Arts at the Lycée Jean Lurçat in Perpignan.

She said “My way of making this period lighter is to use my favourite weapons: pencils, brushes and humour, in my opinion art in all its forms and a bit of joke will help us through this ordeal, in a way.

“I have always liked to draw animals in an illustrative and anecdotal way, it is one of the facets of my artistic work. And to caricature humans, animals are a good vector, aren’t they?​

“When the virus started, the Pangolin was accused of being the origin, the Chinese eating the meat of this wild animal. When I drew the first Mister Pango, I wanted to wink at him and make him say “not my fault”, weren’t the bats accused too? Then I want to keep this Pango by putting it in situation in front of each event created by this surrealist pandemic.  A way to thank those in the front row, a way to accuse certain excessive behaviours, a way to make people smile in passing. Without judgement, but by underlining the small flaws and the beautiful qualities of human beings.”

Here are some of her cartoons on the subject.