Lodève: Robbery and hostages at local Netto


The Netto supermarket in central Lodève was robbed early on Tuesday morning.

Three individuals, armed with handguns and a shotgun were waiting in the back parking lot of the store. At 3.30 am, they held-up an arriving delivery driver but he did not have the keys to the store.

They waited until the arrival of two employees at 5am to get inside where they found the manager who, together with the others, they took hostage before emptying the safe.

The value of the burglary has not yet been revealed, although it is believed that it could amount to several thousand euros.

These four hostages were beaten and locked in fridges by the robbers who took their mobile phones and the keys to the Manager’s Company car to escape the scene.

The Manager was soon able to free himself and he alerted the police at 5.23am, although the robbers were able to make good their escape.

Closed all morning, the store was due to re-open at 2.30pm.