Macron extends the lockdown in his live TV address to the nation


President Emmanuel Macron made his fourth live TV speech on Monday evening, laying out the next stage for the coronavirus lockdown procedures.

The lockdown was due to end on Wednesday 15 April, but it was widely predicted that it would be extended into May, and that schools will reopen in September.

Macron confirmed during his speech, that the confinement will be extended until 11 May, presumably deliberately missing the 8/9/10 May holiday.  May is traditionally a month to travel, as it contains a large number of bank holidays.  Gendarmes will have their work cut out keeping the Parisians away from the Occitanie beaches in early May.

Bars and restaurants will still be closed, even after 11 May, and it will be at least the middle of July before large events will be permitted.

Creches and junior schools will start to open after 11 May, but older students will not be going back to school before September.

Schengen borders will remain closed.

Macron also confirmed that every citizen displaying signs of coronavirus can be tested.

“And we all measure in this period the loneliness and sadness of our elders. And yet, thanks to our efforts, we have progressed every day. Our civil servants and health personnel, doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, paramedics, first aiders, our soldiers, our firefighters, our pharmacists have given all their energy in this first line to save lives and care. They held on.”