Macron says France has “scored its first victory” in the coronavirus fight

Photo by LUDOVIC MARIN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

After announcing that all restrictions would be lifted across the country starting Monday, except for restrictions on large gatherings, Macron sketched out the main themes of the next two years of his tenure.

“Our first priority is to rebuild a strong, environmental, sovereign economy [with strong social] solidarity,” said Macron.

He promised to grant more powers to local authorities.

Macron said. “We can be proud of what was done, and of our country.”

He praised citizens who had accepted the strict lockdown regulations. “If we are in a position to reopen the country it’s because, at every stage of the epidemic, everyone has done their part.”

He stressed that the battle is not over yet, and that virus could easily spread again.


Macron said that all schools, except high schools, would fully reopen from June 22, a move that will allow more parents to return to work and give students at least a few days with their teachers before the summer break.

Nursing homes

Family visits will be allowed from Monday at nursing homes,   “As soon as Monday we will be able to turn the page on this first chapter across all our territory,” Macron said.


The second round of municipal elections originally set for March, when the government imposed the lockdown against the virus, will go ahead as planned on June 28.


Group gatherings will remain “tightly controlled” for now, since “they are the main occasions for spreading the virus,” he said.

International travel

Macron announced that, as of Monday, all travel into European countries would again be allowed. That means everyone will be able to move freely inside Europe without having to show a valid international travel certificate.