Macron to unveil new measures to allay gilets jaunes anger


President Emmanuel Macron is to announce a series of policy changes based on the feedback received over two months of public consultations triggered by the “yellow vest” revolt.

Macron will give a televised speech setting out the “first concrete measures” to be taken in response to the “concerns raised” at over 10,000 debates held around the country as well as the nearly two million contributions made online, the presidency told AFP.

Two days later he will give a press conference to discuss his policy adjustments, the presidency added — a rare move by a leader who has avoided press conferences since his election in 2017, apart from when receiving foreign leaders.

One of Macron’s aides told AFP that the country could look forward to “a new act” in the centrist’s presidency, characterised by “profound changes.”

“He won’t get a second chance,” Senate leader Gerard Larcher, a member of the opposition Republicans, warned in an interview with Le Figaro newspaper on Saturday.

“It’s double or quits for Macron,” the Journal du Dimanche weekly newspaper wrote Sunday.

“If he succeeds, he’s back on the road to 2022,” the paper wrote, referring to the date of the next presidential election. “If he fails to convince, his capacity to carry out reforms will be jeopardised.”

With the unrest still simmering, and as protesters vow a large demonstration at this coming Easter weekend, the pressure on Macron to effectively diffuse the anger is high.

[The speech was cancelled following the devastating fire at Notre Dame on Monday. Ed]

Source: AFP (Agence France-Press), RFI