Major UK emigration exhibition wants postcard from you


The Brexit Brits Abroad project, led by Dr Michaela Benson of the University of London, would like readers to send postcards about their lives in France as part of a collaboration with a new Migration Museum in London.

Dr Benson is organising an exhibit of ‘Postcards from the British in Europe’ to be included in an exhibition called Departures, which will coincide with the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower sailing to America.

She wants to showcase personal stories of Britons, drawing attention to the diversity of the British population abroad in the EU and she would like to show some of the diverse reasons people moved and give a flavour of their lives.

The back of your postcard should include some comments about what brought you to the place where you live, where you moved from and when, and one other thing about your life in France.

Submissions are open until the end of January.

For more about taking part click and for more on the work of Brexit Brits Abroad, see

Source: The Connexion