Mèze volunteer firefighter in civilian clothes and flip-flops saves a man


A volunteer firefighter from Mèze, Hérault, dressed in civilian clothes and flip-flops, intervened to rescue a man who was surrounded by fire inside his vehicle.

The rescuer suffered 20% burns as a result. “What I did is normal,” he explained.

On Tuesday at the end of the afternoon, the 42-year-old firefighter was returning to the Mèze barracks to do his shift, when he saw smoke near Loupian.

He approached a car on fire with a man inside.  Despite the dangers, he pulled him out of the car to safety.

The victim, 53, was seriously injured, and the firefighter had 20% burns to his arms, face, and feet.  The volunteer firefighter called for help, and his colleagues from Loupian, Bouzigues and Mèze quickly arrived to put out the fire and take care of the victims.

The two men were taken to Montpellier University Hospital.  The volunteer firefighter was able to return home on Wednesday morning. SDIS 34 said “We offer our support and appreciation for this heroic gesture from the firefighter, and wish him a speedy recovery.”

The victim inside the car is still in intensive care.

Source: France 3